The Gene Project: TasteFace

“You either love it or hate it.” A phrase that’s been banded around since the creation of Marmite. But why? When Marmite set out find the answer, science surprised us all. It turns out, your genetics determine whether you’re born a lover, or a hater. The Marmite Gene got lots of people talking, our job was to get tongues tasting it. TasteFace was born. An innovative web app that invites people to try Marmite, and uses facial recognition technology to analyse their reaction to it.


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Over 550k people have played with it so far and sales are up 60% in Tesco. It beat X-factor to the top trending on Twitter and it drew the attention of Microsoft AI division, now in partnership with AnalogFolk.

So far the campaign has scooped up... Campaign #2 Top 10 Digital Innovations, Campaign #3 Campaign Of The Year, D&AD Wood Pencil Integrated, Creative Review Annual Digital Craft, Tech & Innovation, Creativepool Annual Silver Innovation, Creativepool Annual Silver People's Choice, Featured in The Webby Trend Report and it also featured in The International Creatives London.

And it's been talked about by The Drum, Creative Review, Digital Spy, AdWeek, Campaign Live, Campaign Magazine, Lovely Mobile, Creativity-Online, The London Egotist, Trend Hunter, Shots, Bima, Reddit, The Independent,, Trendsmap.



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TasteFace builds on the Microsoft Emotion API, that recognises facial expressions across a set of eight emotions; anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, neutral, sadness and surprise. We built a bespoke algorithm to convert these eight emotions into a sliding scale of love and hate.

At the end of the experience, test-takers are prized with a customisable reaction GIF to share across their own social channels, announcing their Marmite-y fate. The experience also has multi-user functionality, and can be passed around a group to produce a combined shareable asset - ideal for families to enjoy.

So while fun, TasteFace serves a real purpose, by cleverly encouraging trial, and in turn recruiting the next generation of lovers.


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