When You Drive, Never Drink

A Heineken/ Formula One partnership and initiative to change attitudes to drink driving behaviour across the world. In 2018, Heineken set out to reduce the number of drink driving deaths across the world by asking people to publicly pledge not to drink and drive. We leveraged Formula One and all of it’s glory to reach millions of fans in a global campaign featuring racing legends Nico Rosberg, Sir Jackie Stewart and David Coulthard.

Science says... 'Pre-committing to a goal is one of the best behavioural devices to achieve positive change. The more public our stance, the more reluctant we are to change it…’. So we created The Designated Driver's Pledge.




The pledge web platform lets people create a personalised public pledge video to post across social channels, letting all of their friends know they’re driving and not drinking, turning peer pressure into peer support.

Working with MPC, we created a tool that would sign anyone’s name in the light trails of Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes AMG. The signature was followed by friends of the driver in a dynamic short film, perfect for sharing. Once on a Facebook profile, Instagram Story or another social channel the magic of a public pledge meant reducing the probability of having a drink whilst out.

The project has just gone live so no juicy case study fact and numbers just yet... but have a go on your mobile at heineken.com/pledge





The campaign launched with two films featuring Nico, Sir Jackie and DC. Over the next few months they'l be followed by more 6 - 15 second films pushing people to take the pledge before their night out. We targeted each film to a contextual moment, like putting an ad on Waze before a designated driver left their home.